What is $PIPER coin?

$PIPER coin is a social token that exists on the Solana blockchain. In plain language, it’s a digital asset that I created that you can use to get access to me so that I can help you optimize your content, create more effective content marketing, and learn about Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs, and metaverse.

Piper coin logo

What do I get with $PIPER coin?

Community access
Content optimization insights (blogs, podcasts, social content, Web3, etc.)
SEO audits
Content strategy audits
Information architecture audits
Content marketing consulting
Web3 education
Personal coaching
Presenting and workshops

All of these benefits happen in Piper’s Place. This is a community focused on content optimization, content marketing, and Web3. The landscape of content marketing is constantly evolving as new channels are created and new tactics are discovered but the fundamentals still apply.

How do I get $PIPER coin?

There are three steps to take before you can start getting the benefits:

You need to get a Phantom wallet.
You need to purchase some Solana
You need to swap SOL for $PIPER on our exchange

Then you can join my Discord, verify with Social Connector, and start optimizing, learning, and growing!

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